Truth behind ‘SEO is Dead in 2019’? (The Biggest SEO Myth)

The Biggest SEO Myth – “SEO is Dead”

“It’s 2019 and SEO is dead again”

“SEO is no more Alive”.

“Is SEO really Resting In Peace?”

“Is SEO Dead, Or Is It Evolving?”

These questions encircle the investor’s mind who are looking for an SEO expert and when they step ahead to spend some handsome amount of their money on search engine optimization for their website.

So what is the truth behind SEO is Dead in 2019?

Before peeking, in reality, let me give a brief introduction to what SEO exactly WAS and IS.

SEO – Explanation rests within the name. Search Engine Optimization is in action since the development of the Internet. SEO involves practices to optimize the website and its content to rank better in google search results. Its considered as natural, organic and earned results.

Types of SEO – White Hat & Black Hat SEO

There are two types of SEO white hat (for the long term) and black hat (for short term: it can be penalized your website from Google or Bing search results, so avoid black hat techniques).

Differences between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

There are two kinds of SEO, on-page (you have to work on your own website) and off-page (getting do-follow or no-follow backlinks from other websites).

SEO trends

SEO trends

What WERE/ARE SEO trends?

According to Wikipedia Content Marketers and Webmasters initiated Optimizing content for Search Engines Since the mid-1990s.

The trend increased and shaped in proper term “Search Engine Optimization” in early 1998.

The trend boosted in 1998 when the two graduates from Stanford University introduced an algorithm. Their algorithm helped search engines out to rank websites based on valuable content they contain.

SEO has been essential to websites since its introduction in the 1990s. So is it really dead now? What do you think?
Yes! You’re right…

SEO is not dead. SEO can never die.

Several SEO killers tried to declare is dead but the truth is that SEO is evolving and cannot be dead. Even the surveys were held and different websites with high DA-PA declared SEO as still alive. And according to my experience SEO is still works, but when you knows how to rank a website in 2019 with pure white hat methods then you can easily rank your website or blog in search engines.

In 2010 Search Engine Journal posted “Despite the News, SEO is Not Dead“. After spreading of a rumor of SEO RIP, it again published in 2015 “The Many “Deaths” of #SEO Before 2015.”

With the passage of time SEO has become the most essential part of Digital Media Marketing.

So stick to this:

if (SEO = DEAD) {



The reason why SEO can never be dead is that it is highly essential in creating brand awareness.

In the matter of relevancy, it plays a great part for better user experience.

And keywords research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keywords act as binding tape or bridge for relevancy generation in the content.

PPC strategy can attain a great benefit from SEO. It helps optimizing content for non-branded Keywords. This eventually increases the quality score of the webpage, lowers the CPC bids and increase Ad rank.

It overall provides an optimized solution for paid campaigns providing greater traffic in lower budget.

As and when SEO is considered devalued, it burst into new trends and style. And, evolved in a way that is considered highly valuable in Digital Media Marketing.

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